Training camp for the real world.

  • Practical, in-demand skills
  • Online short courses and technical boot camps from top-tier universities
  • Certificates in business, real estate, technology, coding, cybersecurity, digital marketing and more
  • Personalized support – from program selection to student success and career coaching
  • Qualifies for active player tuition reimbursement

As an NFLPA member, we understand that you need to be smart about your futures at each stage of your playing career. For over a decade, 2U has been partnering with top-tier, non-profit universities to create up-close and personal learning experiences to deliver students the best possible education for the brightest possible future. 

You’ve made your name on the back of a jersey, now develop new skills to earn it on a certificate. 

What is a Short Course?

Perfect for players looking to upskill in the off-season. In-demand, high touch, and practical skill building experience with focuses on entrepreneurship, real estate, marketing, finance, healthcare, and more.

What you put in… 

  • Open enrollment (no pre-reqs required)
  • ~2-3 months per course
  • ~6-12 hours per week
  • Watch dynamic, interactive content
  • Complete weekly assessments

What you get out.

  • 24/7 academics + tech support
  • Active discussion forms with classmates + TAs
  • Expert guidance & feedback from course experts 
  • University-issued certificate of completion

What is a Boot Camp?

Built for members ready to reskill. Hands-on, interactive, online workshops designed to deliver in technical in-demand skills around coding, cybersecurity, data visual, project management and more.

What you put in…

  • Open enrollment w/ exam (to gauge existing skills)
  • ~12-24 weeks, full or part-time options available
  • Attend live classes with lectures and class discussion
  • Virtual lab work on individual and group exercises

What you get out.

  • 24/7 support for academics + tech support
  • A resume-ready portfolio of personal work
  • Personalized career coaching + services 
  • University-issued certificate of completion

I want to learn about…

Technical Boot Camps


Full Stack Web Development

Web Development course combines front-end, back-end, and big picture training for students looking to enter into the competitive field of coding.

Data Analytics and Visualization

The Data Analytics and Visualization course provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn data into insights, and into actionable recommendations to improve processes and drive company growth.


This boot camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in design thinking, product management, user interface design, and web design.


The Cybersecurity and Networking Boot Camp equips students with the fundamentals of IT networking and modern information security. Throughout the programs, students gain experience with a host of tools such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Burp Suite, and more.

Product Management

The Product Management boot camp teaches students in-demand product management skills like market analysis, value proposition creation, roadmap development, rapid prototyping, SQL, and data visualization.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in marketing strategy, campaign development, digital advertising, and modern tools in site analytics and reporting.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Our rigorous AI boot camp curriculum reflects the latest in an ever-changing field. You will learn everything from “What is AI?” to machine learning optimization to emerging topics, such as generative AI, and the future of AI.

Business & Leadership


LSE MBA Essentials

This course balances the knowledge and theory which will enable you to think differently and make better decisions with the practical skills and techniques required to achieve a greater impact within your organisation. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your professional network by collaborating and engaging with an international cohort of like-minded business leaders on the course.

MIT Sloan Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World

This short course provides a step-by step guide to the 4-CAPS+ Leadership Framework, developed by Faculty Director Deborah Ancona and her colleagues at MIT. The framework provides key insights into the skills required for effective leadership.

Oxford Executive Leadership Program

This course teaches techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organisation, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.

Yale SOM Accelerated Management Program

Develop core management skills and knowledge needed to lead with confidence and tackle complex business challenges.

Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Program

Learn to harness disruptive forces in the marketing sphere with insights, practical toolkits, and strategic frameworks.

Marketing & Communications 


University of Cambridge Communicating for Influence and Impact

Examine the context of the individual, team, organisation, and society as a whole, enabling you to identify where effective communications can be applied to achieve high impact and influence change. Guided by CISL experts, learn how to influence change within and beyond your network, and develop your personal leadership skills.

Northwestern University Leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Gain practical tools to demonstrate the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization and lead transformative change.

Syracuse Finance For Non-Financial Managers

This online short course aims to equip you with the tools to understand and interpret financial information and use practical accounting principles effectively. Guided by expert faculty from the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, you’ll gain insight into how the financials of a company work and what drives financial decisions.

Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Finance Program

provides you with a comprehensive understanding of venture finance, from both entrepreneur and investor perspectives. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll explore the venture financing process from initial fundraising to the final exit strategy.

Data & Technology


MIT Sloan Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing our Digital Future

Integrate transformative technologies into your business strategy, and leverage their benefits to drive your organization forward.

Harvard VPAL Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age

This course equips students with a comprehensive understanding of how to identify and manage operational risk, litigation risk and reputational risk. The course will help students assess and mitigate specific vulnerabilities within an organization’s networks, systems, and data in order to provide the knowledge and skills to protect the integrity, security, and confidentiality of their digital assets.

Harvard VPAL FinTech

Learn to critically assess the future of FinTech by examining what actors will drive future innovation and which technologies will have a lasting impact on the financial industry

Real Estate 


MIT Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment

To generate a holistic overview of real estate analysis and investment, this program will consider real estate from both the micro and macro perspectives.

MIT Entrepreneurship in Architecture, Planning and Real Estate

Allows you to create your own solution to an urban problem, and explore the process of launching a new venture through this lens.

LSE Real Estate Economics and Finance

Valuable to professionals from a range of backgrounds who wish to better understand the real estate market – as an investor, developer, or real estate practitioner.

Rice Business Real Estate Development & Investment

Aims to equip professionals with the skills required to analyze commercially viable real estate for development, while providing them with an introduction to the concepts and techniques used to analyze commercial real estate assets, and the instruments commonly used to finance them.

Health & Wellness


Harvard CRISPR: Gene-Editing Applications

Understand the potential of CRISPR technology in the biofuel, agriculture, and healthcare industries.

Harvard VPAL Global Health Delivery

Understand the challenges facing healthcare delivery, and design a solution for real-world implementation.

Stanford Nutrition Science

Understand the foundational science underlying nutrition and how it’s linked to health, and preventing disease.

Yale SOM Healthcare Management

Learn how applying fundamental business and management principles to healthcare administration can improve access, quality, and safety.

You’ve still got questions? We’ve got you.

What’s the cost? 

NFLPA members can use their educational benefits and receive a discounted rate. Contact your 2U Success Coach to learn more.

Are the courses listed above the only courses available?

No, the courses listed above are just a sample – it’s a list of our most popular topics and courses with the NFLPA member in mind. Contact your 2U Success Coach to learn more and find the right course for you. 

How do I sign up?

Please complete the form above OR reach out via email ( or call +1-855-NFL-0395 (+1 855-635-0395)

Where do I get the certificate of completion from? 

After successfully completing your course, an official certificate from the accredited university will be mailed to an address you provide.